Bahria Greens Karachi - Your New Home In Bharia Town Karachi

The property comes in the sizes of 3 Marlas – 75 Sq Yds (15’x40′) Plots. You can get a house of Ground Floor + 2 floors built on this land. Each house will contain 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms (covered area approx. 1700 Sq ft).

The Greenery and Parks in Bahria Greens are the most important element of the plan. It has wide roads that are going to be fully carpeted. Its ideal ratio of 35% construction and 65% of parks makes it a unique option

  • Low cost, affordable property with aesthetic beauty

  • Wide fully carpeted roads

  • 35% construction and 65% is dedicated to parks and recreation

  • Entertainment centers and main commercial blocks also dedicated

  • Low cost, affordable property with aesthetic beauty

  • Loans of 100% of this price can be obtained from banks

  • Their prices in the following fiscal years are likely to double

-: Bahria Greens Karachi Booking :-

The booking is started now. It will only remain open till the 3rd of July 2020. This is a small window to get your plot booked. You can download the booking form from our website or you can download the forms from Bharia Towns official website.

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